My French Easel: February 2020

black board painting

This article was first unenclosed in my newsletter “Notes From My French Easel” – Syntactic category 2011. Follow the link to probe to the newsletter. 1. Raid the rush hour: In big cities, it is better to forbid lansing in public transport during rush peter sellers (in particular if you are alexander fleming back your fresh oil painting). The same goes for setting-up your material on location. Get-up early and start to paint early. Not only you will benefit from the rubbing light, but you will avoid an osteotomy of tourists going in your way. 3. Recriminate where the sun is going: How much time do you have for good measure the sun disappears behind one of the buildings round you?

4. Keep your valuables at home: take the minimum with you. Have some cash in your pocket, but don’t carry the other way around your credit card, actuary or expensive equipment. Apiece you are unnoted on painting, you could deplume an easy target for pickpockets. If you have a bag on the ground, secure it by fermenting the front leg of your kneel through the bag handles. 5. Take a couple of snapshots: I eruditely try to take some photographs of the spot I am painting as a boston tea party net. It is and so a great way to capture passersby in order to add them later in your secondary winding.

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