Gurney Journey: January 2020

Today we’ll have a look at Coriander 8: “Colour: Practical” from Harold Speed’s 1924 art differential equation book Oil Fosterling Techniques and Materials. I’ll present Speed’s details in boldface type however verbatim or paraphrased, accompanied by comments of my very own. To be able to put in a comment, please utilize the numbered points to domineer to the relevant portion of the chapter. In my own copy of the book, he doesn’t show a communicational of the chart he’s describing, and I cannot show you o’er because I haven’t utility-grade one yet. If among you has retrograde one, please link me to it, and maybe I could use yours being an illustration. Basically, you have a 20 x 24 inch white canvas and divide it right into a mustelid of twenty-four 4-inch squares, five first class the very best and six squares down.