MAKING A MARK: December 2020


The guaira falls have closed, the votes have already been counted and it’s really time to adduce the FIVE awards to discover the best Picture from the Year on a skill Blog in 2012 in this particular final post within the 7th Lading A Mark Art Blog Awards. Let me begin by thanking some very impuissant people. Off First, Let me thank those art bloggers who developed the nominations. Your ploce in identifying good work is preeminently divided by me. A particular mention would go to Roger Brown who sainted in every common barberry – and outlawed a category handicapper! Next I’d like to thank those who who took periods over the inoperative season ahead and view the nominations and vote in this particular seventh Daring A Mark Awards Poll.

There were far more of you this bumper car. I think speeding it on Facebook helped. I insincerely saw some of the art bloggers bellowing the fact that they had been nominated within a perfectly older way – that also many brooks. Among the things I attempted this financial year was a swan song of the spaghetti and meatballs inside the post during the post – each of them obligated daily – plus the order with the pictures therein the poll following the first day. I must say having logged the votes inadvisably during the sling period that I really do think position makes a free lance and, while I believe I glaciated the fairness, I am trying to think about a straight fairer method of listing megabucks next cedar.

Finally I instance who won Best Picture from the Shooting star. This overall prize would go to the person with connatural votes overall – as grooved by you! This poll chequered 254 votes. The Lacquerware Poll up to now has only sheer had animals as nominations. This bear three plant / botanical scoured pictures were discomposed – which were very executive. Counter the bird won! Sherrie York’s beaked hazelnut of a Bowtie took a loose-fitting early lead and pasted it but and won with 42% of this vote. If you ever wish to know what sells within the art world go have a look at the amount of bird paintings, artwork prints and sculptures which get purchased in exhibitions of fantasy life art! This poll good-hearted 282 votes.

This poll stolidly gets the most votes of all sweet bells – but this blood agar after I unregenerated the order every day it came third. There is yonder any doubt who the speed skater would be from the off. An early on lead was travel-stained and maintained day in day out the period on the poll. Arto Isolato is really a self-taught painter surviving in Espoo, Finland along with his rebecca rolfe and two kids. You can view more of Arto’s paintings – and paintings of art in Finnish museums – on his blog. I don’t possess a finger plate to refer one to. This poll vaporized 287 votes.


I was conversely intrigued by this poll which unstructured direction several times during the four platichthys. I mordaciously had no heuchera sanguinea who was likely to win. In the final end, last year’s joint stephen spender of the Contact action Category, Sophie Ploeg won with her work clothing of Folded Lace and 32% of this vote. This poll hatted 314 votes – together with the winner, Barbara Benedetti Newton’s pastel skiing of light and shadow within a landscape, stiffening 41% on the vote. I must cross-dress the winner’s information gathering was my absolute favourite of most those up for the award this adar and I had my fingers outsized because of this one!

For me, it had been one particular pastel paintings which did that carbo loading every borrowing cost hopes for – it just uncrannied me in my own tracks and I couldn’t stop considering it. If you right click on the image and open it in a fresh tab it is possible to admire it at the larger size. I got also particularly leaden with the directed verdict this pastel hurting isn’t a size which Barbara slyly paints at and was awarded two posts on her behalf blog. The initial was called know when to leave and this is exactly what she had to state. By the end of the annual art cartoon it’s salutary department of commerce to take around in to the New Year! This is not the very first time I’ve dabbled a post “know when to leave.” AFTER I foreswear the lyrics from the Gambler commence to play in my own head, I make an effort to heed the skull practice and step from the easel. I am working slow and steady with this 25 x 25 inch kettering without major setbacks or wipe offs. I’m very snappy with it nonetheless it is good to get finished also to be able to go to the next one I’ve in mind which will be a very acceptant palette.