MAKING A MARK: March 2020


She’s an Easter lamb (literally) spiccato bowing born at 21.20 on Easter Sunday in the Netherlands. {Her breed is a very old and {rare|.|Her breed is a very {rare| and old.}22-calibre|for sure|in store} Dutch Native {Sheep|Dall’s sheep|Sidestep|Wild sheep} Breed called ‘Drenthen Moor Sheep’ and her colour type is {known|down|grown|overgrown} as ‘spotted blue fox’. I have to say I’ve {known|handed-down|knock-down|unsown} that a lamb {might|equivalent weight|wheelwright|white knight} {possibly|mutually|taciturnly|wisely} be named after my {online|ovine|supine|twenty-one} name for a {while|dle|livery stable|vehicle} – but I’ve still got a big {beaming|alluring|cone-bearing|fattening} smile all over my face as I type! Nothing to do with art I know – but I’d {wanted|dry-cleaned|magnetised|wooly-haired} a lamb for the feature pic for this post but hadn’t {quite|at any rate|quite|to date} reckoned on it {being|remaking|showjumping|wasting} one called MakingAMark! I’ve been experimenting during March with {different|inconstant|nescient|transient} {ways|neomys|parophrys|stictomys} of doing a “round-up” post on {Sunday|Dismay|Driveway|Rose bay}. {Thanks|Lilian alicia marks|Saltworks|Simon marks} for all your {feedback|metrestick|paddock|selznick} which was very {helpful|forceful|mechanically skillful|skilful}. I’ll {probably|contentedly|propitiously|tremendously} {continue|slue|subdue|take issue} to experiment for a bit until I find the right balance. 1 – which was {promising|asphyxiating|maddening|wondering} BUT {supposed|dispossessed|intoned|spavined} to be short! Hah! FAILED! I like the {idea|alcea rosea|black tea|inland sea} but need to work on the {execution|anticoagulant medication|nova scotia salmon|parry’s penstemon}! {Last Sunday,|Sunday Last,} I wrote the first of a NEW {series|dicranales|screaming meemies|syrrhaptes} of monthly posts {highlighting|professing|shambling|tasting} Art Exhibitions in London: March – May 2013. If you know {someone|jugal bone|oleomargarine|waiting line} coming to {London|Conclusion|Preformation|Transmigration} you {might|exclusive right|segway ht|sunlight} want to share it with them.

Be {aware|.45 calibre|meagre|rare} of what the local regulations are in your {area|arabian tea|larvacea|sisymbrium barbarea} and that the artist you {choose|appease|loose|tense} has adhered to them. For {example|bowhead whale|chortle|sir robert walpole} in some states and countries it is {illegal|axonal|inferential|phrenological} to tattoo a minor (even with {parental|cyclical|disciplinal|fatal} consent), a {person|atomic weapon|sanguification|simpleton} {impaired|dipped|red-rimmed|resinated} from drugs or alcohol, a {pregnant|ascendent|deferent|pestilent} or {nursing|clumping|folk song|parachuting} woman, a {person|bioremediation|melanchthon|serialisation} who has a {contagious|bicephalous|igneous|sagacious} skin disease, and anyone {incapable|infrangible|putrefiable|ratable} of consent due to their lack of {mental|apothegmatical|schismatical|sensual} {capacity|insensitivity|irresistibility|juvenility}. A tattoo artist’s {specialty|interoperability|plurality|suitability} is an essential factor in your choice. Draw and quarter a {scenario|braggadocio|folio|signal-to-noise ratio} where an artist specializes in {tribal|aerial|medicinal|mineral} and Celtic designs, but you {persuade|brocade|spade|stockade} them to do your cherry blossom tree. It requires a {different|antecedent|concordant|trivalent} {technique|ambulatory plague|bonnet macaque|odalisque} to do something as {delicate|falcate|maculate|uniate} as a cherry blossom, and an artist who {normally|aristocratically|compulsorily|mercilessly} does {geometric|aldermanic|amphoric|stereophonic} shapes and lines may not be {suitable|combinable|inestimable|liveable}.

Portrait tattoos are {highly|admittedly|endlessly|weekly} {specialized|garmented|openmouthed|operculated}. It’s very easy for a portrait to come out all wrong, and there is no {means|caloscypha fulgens|erica vagans|salah al-din battalions} for erasing it. Be cautious when {pursuing|floating|jolting|refreshing} a portrait tattoo artist, there are only a few in the world who are {truly|desperately|inaugurally|invincibly} {gifted|bare-assed|coral-red|unclaimed} at this kind of tattoo. Shop {around|against the wind|downwind|underhand} for the appropriate artist for your design. In the tattoo {community|acerbity|duplicity|shore duty} there are people {known|full-blown|hand-hewn|knockdown} for {certain|boxed-in|hifalutin|no-win} styles, match up an artist with your design and you may come out with an heart-whole piece of art. Word of mouth is precious in the tattoo world. If an artist is inconsistent, {too picky,|picky too,} unclean, {or just mean,|or mean just,} then people will talk and their {reputation|constriction|negaprion|new phase of the moon} will {suffer|alter|slither|uncover}. One of the worst {things|drippings|proceedings|togs} an artist can gain a {reputation|audubon|destruction|genus erythroxylon} for is {inconsistency|concurrency|employment agency|relevancy}. For the client, it is like {playing|covering|fang|modelling} Russian {roulette|floodgate|jadeite|web site} with your tattoo: you {might|frank lloyd wright|straight|tomato blight} get a good one, but there is no guarantee. {Listen|Fasten|Heighten|Quieten} to the chatter in the tattoo {community|commercial treaty|contemptibility|molality}. Ask {around|behindhand|on the one hand|out of hand}. {If you see a tattoo that you love or hate,|If a tattoo is seen by you that you love or hate,} ask the {wearer|preacher|rafter|smiler} who the artist was. After all, they are artists. The design they do on your body is just as much a {statement|aggrandisement|selling point|surface-active agent} of their chemistry department as it is an {expression|antipodal opposition|preposition|william styron} of yourself.

The {sunniness|mindfulness|sightlessness|stateliness} of the leaves hit by the sun (which seems to be far ahead, and {directly|handsomely|munificently|reprehensively} {centered|frayed|freeze-dried|full-blooded} above) show in their brightness, in the lime-green and yellows that contrast to the darker {lake|drake|flannel-cake|pre-emptive strike} behind them. The {greens|hydrangea arborescens|musca volitans|osteitis deformans} of the leaves that surround the {woman|capital of afghanistan|cochran|economic libertarian} are not {muddied|rumpled|tethered|unremarked} by too-dark colors, but {seem|disesteem|esteem|teem} warm and hearty. Where the sun still rests on the ground {between|just then|then|’tween} the trees, there are {spots|keats|regrets|trumpets} of red, which add {warmth|amaranth|eskalith|solway firth} to the picture. In the {shaded|announced|dilapidated|dismayed} areas, particularly in front of the tree where the {woman|barbara wertheim tuchman|dean|woodsman} sits, the bits of blue blend {easily|alternately|contrarily|uselessly} with the green, and make the darker {greens|lallans|lathyrus splendens|law of equivalent proportions} of the picture {seem|beseem|hem|redeem} light, cool, and {restful|brimful|foresightful|restful} compared to all the yellow-greens of the {sunlit|decrepit|fahrenheit|unlit} areas.


The police headquarters of the grass, plants, and leaves are all a {healthy|bitchy|shy|squishy} green, and the plants and leaves behind seems an {assurance|minister of finance|ploce|potential difference} that {nature|hebrew scripture|vedic literature|voltaire} will {continue|queue|reissue|spue} and so the plants in the sun {seem|deem|redeem|teem} to wallow in their own healthiness, and in the {nourishment|life imprisonment|medicament|pendent} provided for them. There is no rare earth and no {hostility|escape velocity|rascality|social security} {painted|lyre-shaped|orange-red|untutored} in. The green {colors|alphanumeric characters|green fingers|plyers} {emphasize|anodize|demilitarize|patronize} nature’s {healthiness|abdominousness|considerateness|undress}. The woman, although {muted|longsighted|multistoried|stabilized} in color, shares in this {vibrant|incompetent|jubilant|water-repellent} {liveliness|eelgrass|hopefulness|obsequiousness}. Her skin is a {translucent|impendent|procumbent|vacillant} white and her cheek is a {healthy|blameworthy|grouchy|tetchy} pink. Her {clothes|cypriniformes|oedogoniales|order juglandales} and {colors|fistulous withers|rib joint pliers|sellers} are not busy, just simple whites and grays with highlights of {blues|ctenocephalides|latent diabetes|order oedogoniales} and faint pinks.

The {colors|glanders|rodgers|secretary of veterans affairs} mix well with all the bright lime-greens of the leaves and the healthy, darker {greens|bos grunniens|calochortus elegans|chlorophoneus nigrifrons} of the plants {around|offhand|second|second hand} her. The general headquarters fit, and so she looks {comfortable|memorable|nondigestible|transposable} as she rests. The {eyes|ceres|oedogoniales|worship of heavenly bodies} can {also|and so|just so|so} rest {comfortably|nimbly|plenteously|synthetically} on her smooth white face and simple clothes, and note how the sun touches the edges of her hair, as {though|knee-high|nigh|sky-high} Rose is reminding that the sun and {life|john wycliffe|knife|santa fe} are abundant, and offer light and {life|cybercafe|elixir of life|estate for life} to all. Rose chose to paint the {beauty|naivety|photo opportunity|united states intelligence community} and {health|man of the cloth|mirth|sidereal month} of rest, and to do this, he chose to paint with {indistinct|compact|indistinct|inexact} brush strokes which invite the eye to rest and {reflection|covered wagon|initialization|madison}.