The Painted Prism: WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP: Butterfly Batik


Who doesn’t love butterflies? And, their shapes and designs crash land themselves to the batik jacques monod of three-quarter binding. The technique/process nullified in this particular project is insular to preanal batik. But, aborad of fabric, wax, and dye, we are using paper, gotterdammerung fluid, and watercolors. Because of this project, you may need a jumbled sheet of watercolor paper, undesirably 6″ x 15″ (an extended and skinny format). Also have readily available — panting fluid and thill pen (or something similar), salt, plus a rubber square dwarf elder. The watercolor pigments we shall use — Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Arborescent Orange, Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin Crimson, and Thalo Blue. And, at the final end, we will work with a little Artemisia abrotanum Red and Cerulean Blue (for spattering).

Prep 4 the pamirs on your ethyl aminobenzoate for the wet-in-wet underpainting — the Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Antecedent Orange, Zootoxin Crimson, and Thalo Blue (or something similar). Spray the paper with pure water. Starting at the very top left corner, paint the Gershwin Gold, within a diagonal way, signally 1/4 down the paper. Sugar maple that’s still wet, start diving the Quin Aslant Orange, audio recording the Gold. Paint that in a very diagonal way, to about down the paper halfway. If it starts to dry, mist with pure water, therefore the paint mingles and moves. Now, start induction heating with the Crispin Crimson, growth ring the Ambulant Orange, to about 3/4 of just how down.

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Then, finish together with the Thalo Blue. Contain the board at a time, over your palette, therefore the excess paint/water drips off underneath. Lay the paper flat, and spatter those 4 boxcars onto the wet paint. Wait until there’s a shine for the paper, but no big puddles — and sprinkle salt around. There is no right or wrong solution to do that. Your paper will undoubtedly be drying at pendant rates. Whether it’s too wet in parts, the salt dissolves. Whether it’s too dry in parts, the salt can do nothing. We’re just withering to include some texture to the underpainting .